We pride ourselves on being one of the very few automation companies capable of designing, manufacturing and assembling custom automation equipment all in-house. Our team of multi-disciplinary engineers is able to provide services to complete turnkey systems, but can assist with general engineering services/contract work. You can expect finest quality automated manufacturing systems Australia with us.

  •  Turnkey Automation
  •  Robotics
  •  Machine Vision
  •  Mechanical Design & Manufacturing

  •   Electrical Design & Cabinet Building
  •  Software Engineering and Web Services
  •  IOT & Industry 4.0 Implementations

Automation Equipment Manufacturer



One of our core strengths is the fact that we innovate, automate and create all under one roof. Our team of Mechanical, Electrical and Software engineers works closely to deliver robust and reliable solutions. You get manufacturing automation systems Victoria of exceptional quality and scalability.

This is maximized by the fact that we then manufacture all our own designs in-house. This gives us an unparalleled ability to control the whole process, and deliver outstanding solutions that surpass expectations. Being a reliable automation equipment manufacturer Victoria, we are committed to fulfilling the exact needs of each customer.

  •  Automated Cell
  •  Special Purpose Machinery
  •  Mechanical Design
  •  In-house Machining
  •  Cabinet Build
  •  PLC & Robotics Programming


Cenos has implemented many and varied robot systems, mainly ABB Robotics, but also on smaller scale projects: Epson, KUKA and Motoman. Applications include high speed assembly, packaging, palletizing, to tool and mould part insertion/removal.

Our factory automation systems in Victoria encompass a wide range of industries, from high speed assembly, packaging, palletizing, machine tending in the Light and Heavy industries to specialized systems for Biomedical and Pharmaceutical industries. All these solutions are precise, proven and deliver value to our customers every day.

  •  Palletizing
  •  High Speed Assembly
  •  Packaging
  •  Moulding Machine
  •  ABB
  •  RobotStudio


Due to the varying nature of special-purpose machinery projects undertaken by Cenos, we have integrated many well-known vision systems, including Sherlock (DALSA), In-Sight (Cognex) and FH-Series (Omron).

From high-speed measurement and quality inspection, to integrated robot orienting, Cenos has the wide-ranging experience in numerous different applications that is bound to be of value in your requirements.

  •  Sick Preliminary Vision Partner
  •   Robot Integration
  •   Sherlock
  •   Cognex
  •   Omron


As part of Cenos’s development process, our design engineers use leading edge CAD software to perform FEA and simulations to ensure that designs are within practicable limits. Furthermore, the work done by Cenos is future-proof; with well-documented 3D models and detailed drawings, be assured that Cenos can reproduce custom-made components, as well as perform upgrades to supplied machinery if necessary. We incorporate fully integrated mechanical, electrical, software and manufactured solutions into winning products for you.

  •  Computer Aided Design
  •  Finite Element Analysis
  •  CNC Machining
  •  Wire-Cutting
  •  Engineering Services

ELECTRICAL & software

Our qualified team of electrical engineers works hand-in-hand with licensed electricians to design and build electrical cabinets and also wire our machines. Detailed electrical drawings and schematics are also supplied with all builds. PLC programs are written by a team of dedicated programmers, who have extensive experience in a wide range of software, such as, OMRON, Allen Bradley and Siemens.

Cenos endeavours to supply our machines with comprehensive operating manuals, coupled with clear and detailed HMIs (Human Machine Interface) that will aid operators to be as efficient as possible.

  •  Cabinet Build
  •  PLC Programming
  •  HMI
  •  PLC, DCS, SCADA and Control Systems
  •  Advanced Instrumentation Control


If you are on the lookout for top quality solutions that embrace the best factory automation technology Australia, you can contact Cenos Automation.